About two weeks ago I remembered something important. That my Oscar Vitalmax Juicer not only makes delicious vegetable juicers but it also has a mincer, and I used it today to make hummus. I thought today I would share my homemade hummus recipe.

There is a mincer attachment that is different from the juicer one. I can actually make nut butters and pasta with this juicer, which is great.

So, today I put through a tin of chick peas. Its all I had in the cupboard. I also put 3 cloves of garlic through the juicer/mincer too.

After putting that through I added tahini, olive oil, and the juice of one lemon. Then I added cayenne pepper. It was delicious.

Anyone who knows me well knows that when it comes to cooking my philosophy is (or used to be) if you can buy it ready made why waste life making it. Although I had fun following this homemade hummus recipe.

Adding additional ingredients

Once I had the houmous made I could then experiment with other flavours.

The first day I ate it I added yellow sweet pepper and enjoyed it with some roasted vegetables.

The next day I put a beetroot (beets) through the mincer and mixed that in with the hummus. I ate it with roasted veg again.

I have also added minced ginger, roasted peppers, spinach and other ingredients, both raw and cooked (usually roasted) to change the flavour of this homemade hummus recipe.

So experiment if you make your own. If you don’t have a juicer that does what mine does simply use a blender instead. You get the same result.

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