I wish there was one thing I could say about how to overcome shyness and build self confidence that would instantly help you work through whatever you are going through. Unfortunately there isn’t and what it is going to take from you is a real desire for change.

One of the greatest things to help me overcome shyness was Emotional Freedom Technique.

EFT (for short) helped me release the inner turmoil I would feel whenever I found myself in a social situation. At first I was doing the “fake it till you make it” and just pretending to be confident.

That worked for quite a while and although I could act fairly confident most of the time inside I was still a shaking wreck.

Emotional Freedom Technique helps you to release negative emotions. It is simple to learn and creates amazing results. Search on the web for Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT and you will find out more. Here’s a great video about it

The more I used EFT the better I felt. Not only on my shyness but on any issue I had that was causing a negative emotional response when I thought about it. I just tapped it away. I knew that EFT was working when things that would upset me or bother me in the past stopped having the same negative response.

I became a trained practitioner of EFT several years ago but really only used it on myself and taught my children how to use it. Sometimes I forget it is there and it won’t be the first tool I take out of my “confidence building toolbox” but when I do it works every time.

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