When you write a diary you tend to stick to writing about the facts of your day. Did this.. went here… got back… did that… Facts. When you are writing a personal journal you go into how you felt about what you do, who you feel about where you went. You discuss your thoughts and feelings in your journal.

So how to write a personal journal should be easy to figure out from there. You write about how you feel and what you think about an event, situation, person, place, occasion etc

If you are stuck in ‘diary’ mode and trying to get out of it the easiest way to do that is to ask yourself

“What do I think about that?” and “How do I feel about that?”

So, if in your diary you mentioned the fact that it rained all day. To get into journaling mood ask yourself “What do I think about that?”

You might not have much to say to answer that question or you might go into what you think about a day full of rain when you can’t get much done.

Then ask yourself : “How do I feel about that?”

This might give you more material. Do you love being inside and watching the rain? Why? How does it make you feel? Do you hate going out in the rain? Did you have to go out on this particular day? Why do you hate going out when it rains?

For me being in the rain is like being blessed by mother nature. She is pouring her blessings on me – or pissing on me depending on my mood 🙂

Use personal questions

Another great way to write a person journal is to answer questions about yourself. What you like / don’t like and why you like / don’t like it.

I recently had to write a blog post that included answering 11 questions about myself – click the link to read it Liebster Award 2013. I was asked questions like

  • what makes you smile?
  • what is the weirdest thing you’ve ever done?
  • what’s your favourite song?

Think about questions you can ask yourself or ask a friend to come up with 10 questions to ask you. In fact ask three or four friends for 10 questions and they will keep you busy writing in your journal for ages. What happens is you find out things about yourself. You are reminded about events in your life that you might have forgotten about. Memories are evoked and from these memories stories begin to build. If you are keeping your journal as a memoir then you will find personal questions really help you think about your past.

Draw your past and think of a story

I have written an article about that and you can click the link to read it – personal and memoir journal prompt – memories

This is a great journaling task. I had to draw a the street I grew up in and then write out my earliest memory. That really helped me to think about things from the past and create stories.

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