I’ve been playing safe. It really is easy to do to be honest. After all I got over my fears, I don’t limit myself too much  – why should I ask anymore of myself. And yet I do.

Today I realised I need a HUGE vision, one that I might not even succeed to complete in my lifetime. One that is so big that I wake up in a cold sweat just thinking about it.  One that gets me so excited that I can’t sleep from working on it.

This time there is going to be no planning, I won’t have a clue how I will do it or even whether I will. None of that is my business when you are living the fearless life. You just set your vision and see what happens.

We all have a path to follow but knowing whether we are following our path or not is always the problem. I know if I continue to listen to my soul and talk to God it will be made clear to me.

So what’s my vision? What is it that is so huge for me right now I can’t even see how it will be achieved?

I want to impact the lives of 5 million people – I want to help 5 million people overcome fear and procrastination so they can live life on their terms.

That doesn’t mean they all have to save the world and build multinational companies – in fact I hope I never help anyone achieve anything that will take them away from truly living and enjoying life.

I want to help the mother who has always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, or the teacher who has always wanted to sing live on stage, or the social worker who really wants to be in Shakespear play. They all believe they are not good enough. They allow their fear to dominate their dreams. I want to help them through that so they can look back and say “I did it!”

Ordinary folks like me, who secretly harbour the desire to do something that will never make the news or change the world – except their own.

I can’t discover my greatness by playing it safe and neither can you – but I want to lead by example! Maybe  I will only impact 5 lives, maybe 500 or 5,000 – who knows. What I do know is that I have the desire to make a BIG impact and for now that is good enough for me.

How will I do it, well that is none of my business. I hand that over to something greater than I am. My belief is if the desire to make this happen came from my soul it will happen – how isn’t something I need to worry about and if it is my ego taking another trip then like this blog post it will eventually fade away and never be mentioned again.

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