Life. So great for some. So hard for others.
Frustrations of wanting what hasn’t happened
Anger at waiting for what isn’t coming
We believe we need more
That belief keeps us stuck
Complaining about what is
Wanting what should be
Should life be this miserable?
Is it meant to be such a struggle?
Our self-imposed prison
Waiting for release
Maybe misery is optional
Time to stop planning and let go
Time to stop waiting. Be okay with what is
Released from the burden of need
I set myself free


I set myself free

Winter solstice starts 21st December and there is this big fuss about the end of the Mayan calender and the world it would seem. Trust me to start living my dream just as the world is ending 😀

For me there is definitely something fantastic in the air. A time to release the old and open up to new expectations and beliefs. I spent years wishing I had the fancy car, house, money. I still value money as an energy that allows me (I am blessed) to live life. My expectations now though are more about a lifestyle. One that involves traveling the world and building experiences. I released myself from the need for “stuff” and set myself free.

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