Have you ever thought about the importance of personal growth? Most people don’t – they go through life believing how it is, is how it will always be – as if we have no choice and life just happens to us.

For those of us who focus on developing ourselves we understand that life can be changed. We believe that life can be turned into something that makes us really happy, as long as we are willing to put in the effort of making that happen.

Sometimes, when doubts, fears and insecurities surround us it is easy to come up with the idea of “I wish I was somebody else.” More often than not, we think and believe that someone or rather, most people are better than us – when in reality, that is just not true.

You spot a totally eye-catching girl having fun and laughing with friends. She has banter and is making all the jokes.

You think to yourself, “she looks so great, her clothes are great, her hair is great and she is so funny. I wish I was like her.”

But if you could reach in and read her thoughts you may be surprised to discover that she is just as full of doubt and fear as you are. Maybe her jokes and laughter hide a life of pain and fear.

Or maybe she really is just funny and confident 🙂

We look at a young business entrepreneur and say “Wooh… what else could he ask for?” He stares at himself in the mirror and murmurs to himself, “I hate my big eyes… I wonder why my friends won’t talk to me… I hope me and Donna work things out.”

Isn’t it funny? We look at other people, envy them for looking so outrageously perfect and wish we could trade places with them, while they look at us and wish for the same thing.

All I want you to understand is that sometimes we look at others wishing we were them when in fact they are really no different to how we are. Much better to look at how to be the best YOU instead.

How many women would have loved the life the Princess Diana was living when she was alive and yet how very unhappy was she most of the time!

We are insecure of other people who themselves are insecure of us. We suffer from a lack of self-confidence and lose hope in confidence building because we are enveloped in quiet desperation.

One of Whitney Houston’s songs says “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.” True enough!

In order to love others, you must love yourself too. Remember, you cannot give what you do not have.

Before telling other people some ways on how to improve themselves, let them see that you understand the importance of personal growth. That you are a representation and a product of personal development by building your confidence.

Confidence building makes us better people, we then inspire other people in our community, which leads on to inspiring people in other countries and then the rest of the world will follow.

Michael Jackson sang about changing the man in the mirror, when you embrace the importance of personal growth you too will focus only on yourself.

We can not control what other people will say or do but we can control how we react to it and how it affects our life.

Accept Who And Where You Are To Begin Change

Stop thinking of yourself as a second-rate being.

Forget the repetitive thought of “If only I was richer… if only I was thinner” and so on unless you are going to actively do something to make it happen.

Before you can do that though you must accept where you are right now and who you are now. It might not be who you want to become but accepting your true self is one of the first steps to confidence building.

It is important that you stop comparing yourself to others – because as I said earlier if you knew the truth about them you might be totally surprised.

In my work that I do online I used to wish I was like some of the top online marketers who (it seemed) were so successfully at making money in their business. When I had the opportunity to meet and talk to many of them the reality – for those who were authentic enough to open up and share – was something different.

You and I have our insecurities. Nobody is perfect.

It is a natural tendency to wish for better things, better features, better body parts, etc.

But life does not have to be perfect for people to be happy about themselves and in fact, until you can accept where you are now you will find it difficult to get what you desire. Chances are, even if you do get it you won’t hold on to it for very long!

Confidence building and loving yourself is not a matter of shouting to the whole world that you are perfect and you are the best. It’s the virtue of acceptance and contentment.

When we begin to improve ourselves, we then begin to feel contented and happy. You will be amazed what wonderful things happen in our life when that happens.

All of this is an essential part of personal growth – so right now – make the decision that you will begin working towards being thankful instead of wishing you had something you don’t have.

Believe me it is one of the biggest sources of misery!

When you wish for something you don’t have you are living in the future. Instead bring yourself right back to this moment. Be in this moment and tell yourself you are blessed, remind yourself on the importance of personal growth and make a promise to continue building your self confidence and working towards enjoying life.

Only you can make this happen.

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