Have you seen the film In Pursuit Of Happyness starting Will Smith? Notice the title. It was something that was pursued.

Not hoped for, not wished for, not worked at a couple of times before giving up.

To pursue means to actively go after something, it means to take action to make whatever you are pursuing happen and it usually means when you are in pursuit of something your aim is to keep going until you achieve it.

So as you consider whether it is worth building self-confidence remember not only are you building something, which by its very nature signifies taking time (Rome wasn’t built in a day after all) but now you can see yourself pursuing it.

To do that you have to find the internal motivation to keep you going. All of those confidence building exercises you need to take part in. All of that reading to do or finding time to stop and listen to that audio CD. All of that self reflection and questioning.

No matter how hard it seems, no matter how much work you may believe it is if you are in pursuit of self-confidence then there is nothing to  do but to make it happen.

If you have enough desire, enough fire in your belly to fuel you into action you will find that the pursuit will bring you freedom to be, freedom to express, freedom to choose and so much more. Isn’t that worth pursuing?

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