Well, it is official. On Friday 9 February 2018 I let my team leader know I will not be renewing my contract which ends on 28th February 2018.

I am now excited and very scared at the same time.

On the 5 March 2018 I am due to start training as a live-in carer. I will live with someone for 7 days a week and have only 2 hours a day off. The income that I earn will more than triple though compared to the admin job I am currently doing. Plus this type of work has the flexibility I need and fulfills my need to help and support people.

I will work for 4 months then arrange to travel for 4-6 weeks (or longer) before coming back and doing it again.

I will book my first trip around April/May. I want to travel in June and stay in Europe. It will be my first trip as a solo traveler.

I have joined a female solo traveler group on Facebook that is full of inspirational women travelling the world alone.

My main question now is whether I give up my studio apartment or pay for it so I know I always have a base to come back to and I am still thinking about that one. The point of me working as a live-in carer is so I have no bills to pay. I think writing this out has already given me the answer I need…

The final nail that helped

There were actually two things that happened recently that helped me make up my mind to give up my job.

The first one happened when I was looking for something in a box full of papers. In there was my pension illustration – it mentioned that I retire in 2026. I thought to myself that isn’t possible because that’s only 8 years away….

Then the penny dropped. In 8 years time I will be 60 years old. I realized it was time to speed up my plans to start seeing the world.

My Personality Test

The second thing that happened was thanks to work. My team leader sent round a link to a personality test. Once completed my results were:

Personality type: “The Advocate” (INFJ-A) – a link to the full description is here and the INFJ description is here

Individual traits:

Introverted – 72%, Intuitive – 64%, Feeling – 71%, Judging – 65%, Assertive – 79%

Role: Diplomat

“Diplomats embrace travel as readily as anyone – they like exploring other cultures and people’s colorful ways. These personality types are creatively inclined, often practicing artistic expression in diverse forms, and see magical beauty where others see the hum-drum of daily life.  Diplomats can be passionately inspired by experiences: music, cuisine, theater, nature, and anything else that goes beyond the obvious can rise to divine art in their eyes.”

Strategy: Confident Individualism

“Confident Individualists typically trust in themselves, and they often embrace solitude to pursue their own interests rather than seeking out social activity. These personality types are proud of who they are, what they know, and what they can do, but they don’t feel the need to prove themselves to others. Self-reliance is central for these types, and they handle difficult situations well because they tend to be emotionally secure, bold, and resistant to stress. They rarely seek leadership or the spotlight, but when they do find themselves in these positions, these personalities lead by an example of self-determination and uncomplicated honesty – they appreciate grace, class, and form, and rarely seek to impress by appearances alone.”

Once I had completed it I realized:

  1. Why I have always hated selling and therefore wasn’t great at charging people enough for the work I do but LOVE the internet for selling. I sell Acti-Labs online through the articles I have written more than I do face to face for example.
  2. My purpose in life is to care for people. I am a trained life coach and I have completed a health course so could call myself a health coach but right now I am focused on my own health. That’s where the leading by example comes in for me. Caring for people as a live-in carer will help me achieve my desire to help more than being in an admin job. The routine of admin is also something that doesn’t suit my personality.
  3. I am not only a dreamer but I make my dreams happen. I plan for them and I make stuff happen. I have always been like that in life.

The 16 personalities test is free and I definitely recommend it.

Hopefully you will find that you are already living according to who they say you are as a personality. Not that I needed their confirmation to live my life, but it is great to think I am not going into a completely different direction and working against who I inherently am.

My life vision to experience more that I wrote back in 2016 [read it here] is becoming more real.

I remind myself that this website is here as my journal. It is a record of everything I am looking to achieve to fear less and live more. This is a solid part of that process as giving up my job is leading me into a new direction.

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