I am rediscovering the joy of juicing again. First I went back to intermittent fasting and now I am back into juicing – in February – which is a miracle.

I am a fair weather juicer which mainly means I juice when it is hot so it’s really great to be buying produce and juicing now.

I find when I surround myself with like minded people it helps to motivate me. I joined a group on Facebook called Juicing for Health and the stories of major weight loss and the reversal of illness/disease has been quite amazing to read about.

It set me up to realize that the juicing and the fasting are definitely my key to success because I was on the road to success back in 2014-2015. Of course me being me I had to sabotage that success and get in my own way and I did that by giving them both up.

Now I am back full circle on them again in 2018.

I am grateful that my weight gain at 15-20lbs has been minimal. Many people put everything back on but I never lost sight of focusing on a plant-based diet. Even when I wasn’t juicing or fasting I was eating well and spending time reversing bad habits that have been around for over 50 years.

I started juicing after watching Fat Sick and Nearly Dead but there are other juicing videos out there worth watching including one called the Joy of Juicing. It is about so much more than just juicing because it focuses on what you need for health.


There is also Jason Vale’s Super Juice Me video at superjuiceme.com – he took people away on a retreat to juice. I would LOVE to attend one of his juicing retreats. I will add that to my list of experiences I want to enjoy. I believe his retreat is in Turkey.

There is so much to do and so much I want to experience sometimes I wonder if there will be enough time.

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