I have setup my YouTube channel to include all of the videos I will make as part of my “Just For Today” juice cleanse and water fast. Below is the juice cleanse video introduction I made.

I have been recording myself every day so far and once I edit each video I will put it up for everyone to see.

So far I managed two days on the juice cleanse and then I ate something. It was salmon with roasted carrots and broccoli so completely healthy. I will share the results of those three days with you on another blog post with the video.

I also went through a water fast for a day. I managed to get to 4.30pm and then I made myself some juice. So a successful day really. I made it through without eating something (although I had a few almond nuts) and am proud of myself.

Considering a few months ago I couldn’t imagine going without food for a couple of hours this is quite an achievement.


I am going to write about water fasting and whether it is safe.

With all of this it is never my intention to go crazy and water fast for 30 days or juice fast for 90 days. Right now I have a 5-day limit and won’t be going over that right now.

In the future that may change but from what I am reading and watching online you can get a great juice cleanse by drinking vegetable juice all day and then eating a very healthy meal (like I did with the salmon and roasted veg) later in the day.

What really happens on a juice cleanse?

Love this video. You can eat and drink juice and still make a huge difference to your body.


You can watch the juice cleanse video introduction and my other vegetable juicing videos as I add them on my YouTube channel. Please subscribe: Vegetable Juicing YouTube ChannelĀ