10. You Limit Your Self Confidence When You Lack vision and focus!

I won’t hit you with all the clichés here! You know the ones I mean. A ship without a sail, a house without foundations, an aeroplane without a pilot type clichés that are all used to tell you the same thing.

Lacking vision kills self confidence so you must know where you are going if you want to be sure that you get there!

Having a clear direction to go in, feeling the emotional high when life has purpose, being focused on your desires, these are all things that provide excitement, fulfilment, peace and happiness to life.

It doesn’t mean you then stay moving in this direction forever. Your direction will change as you grow and you will gain the strength to flow with it if you are willing to.

What is your vision? It could be a personal one for yourself and your life, or it could be a professional one for your business.

What do you want to accomplish by the end of 2012? 2015? 2020? Do you know yet?

Are you working towards a vision for your life? If not, why not. If you are hoping that you will get a magical answer that will instantly provide you with the answers you seek then I have some good news and some bad news!

The bad news is there is no magical answer!

The good news is, the best person to tell you what the vision for your life is, is you! Yes, that’s right, not the book on how to do it (although it provides great guidance), but you.

Inside you is the answer you seek, all you need to do is begin to listen to it. And here’s some more good news. Your purpose isn’t something you work towards achieving; it is something that lives in your life every single day.

So where ever you are in life right now, that is your purpose, yes you heard me, no matter what emotional turmoil you are in right now you are living your life’s vision.

You may not have connected with it fully or it may not be going along the path that you want it to and that is why there is turmoil, but it is alive and well within you.

All you need to do is apply  focus and concentration to help you bring it out t so you are living it every day.

It really is time for you to take back your power. Stop thinking the book will give it to you, stop thinking your Life Coach will give it to you, stop thinking the seminar leader will give it to you.

They are just tools, facilitators, catalysts that are there to help you bring it out of yourself.

If you believe “You don’t know” your vision can I invite you to stop lying to yourself. Yes you do. You always have. You may not know how to bring it out of yourself, or articulate it, now that’s something different. But you know what it is.

Are you using “I don’t know” as a way to stay stuck? To ensure you never have to work towards achieving anything, but that you have a great excuse and reason why not?

The question here is “Am I ready to connect to my vision?”

Staying Focused

Focus is the other area that I struggled with moving from one vision to another, thinking that the thing I was working on at that time “is it” only to discover years later that I was unfulfilled and searching again.

Once I accepted my role as ‘teacher’ and someone who loves to help people through confusion a vision for my life became easier.

I was always doing that in life anyway, it was something that came naturally to me. The way I choose to do that is to write blog posts and create eBooks and audios that help me get my message out online to a wider audience.

When you have found what you love to do, when you have connected with what you are passionate about, every action you need to take is easy.

It’s easy, its fun and you love it. You wouldn’t want to do anything else.

But hey, relax, remember this is a journey, and the journey would be far too easy if we all just hit upon what we love instantly.

The important thing is you are doing something about being unhappy. You are, aren’t you?

It took me a long time to relax about what my purpose was and whether I was working towards it. I began to feel as if I would never find it until  I realised that it is whatever I define it to be.

I find when I treat my whole life that way I can relax a lot more because it is all up to me. The trouble is when you lack self confidence it can be difficult to see it that way and I really did believe someone else held the key to helping me define who I was and what my purpose in life was.

I was lost, confused and adrift. You will be amazed at how much peace and clarity comes from deciding that you really can choose to define this for yourself and relax about it all.

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