The festivities are all but over, only the New Year lies ahead, and with the coming of a new year comes a flood of promises about how life will be different.

We mean them when we say them, I know I always do, but unfortunately many of them end up lost and forgotten by the second week in February.

If building self-confidence so you can follow your dreams is something you are about to promise yourself then it is time to understand that lasting change comes about through the strengthening of your mindset.

If your desire to be more confident is going to last longer than a month a strong mindset to achieve will help you preserve long after the initial buzz of desire for your goal(s) wears off.

I guess that accounts for anything we want to do in life – whether it is to improve our financial position, give up smoking, and/or improve our relationships.

I have always struggled with getting fit. I get fit, then I stop exercising, then I get unfit, then I start exercising again. I know why this happens and it is because when it comes to fitness I haven’t strengthened my mindset about it.

Exercise is something I do when I am bothered to and that just won’t work long-term. Also, I have no true passion behind it.

I exercise because I feel it is something I should do rather than something I choose to do. I understand the importance to my health but still, with the exception of walking, I find most exercise bores me and I dislike doing it.

With that attitude/mindset how will I ever succeed?

While I work on my ‘fitness mindset and attitude’ if you are working on your self-confidence mindset and attitude then take note of my lack of success as it relates to fitness and see if it rings true for you. Do you avoid looking at your life or who you are?

Are you setting goals to achieve your dreams? Have you looked at why you sabotage your life? If you want to build self-confidence then you need to face all of these kinds of things.

You need to read the books and attend the seminars or take on a life coach so you strengthen your mindset. All of this will help you if you are willing, and have the passion, to help yourself.

I never lack self-confidence in my ability, even after I mess up and things go terribly wrong (last 5 years have NOT been great but I keep moving forward) and that is because I have spent several years working on the belief I have in myself – my own self-confidence.

I view the last five years as a blip, a minor setback, and now it is time for me to pick myself up and move forward in 2014. I believe in my ability to get things done, to work towards my dream and ultimately to enjoy my dream of travelling the world while running my business mostly online.

I won’t give up on it ever and I am determined to keep working towards it until it is achieved.

I manage to do that because I have strengthened my mindset around self-confidence and what it takes to enjoy success on my own terms.

Nothing is better than being able to say “YES! I said I was going to achieve that and I have” – no reading books or attending seminars will build your self-confidence faster than actually getting on and doing it, learning from your mistakes and moving forward.

The reading and seminars will help you strengthen your mindset and working towards your dream will help you build self-confidence in yourself, step by step, until it is so strong you have no doubts in your own ability.

With that attitude anything becomes possible.

Happy 2014 to you. I hope it ends up being all that you set it out to be.

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