Self confidence can happen when you simply pretend to be. I know it can sound crazy but I used to pretend to be confident with people who didn’t know me and you can learn how to fake it till you make it.

If I attended an event for example I walked into the room with confidence and spoke to other people. They had no idea I was shy.

I also used it out in the shops, when returning goods (something I could never do in the past) and a load of different events and with different people. I also spent time repeating affirmations that set my intention to behave like a confident woman.

At the time I didn’t always feel my affirmations – I just said them over and over and they still helped. It takes a little longer though, real change came for me when I could feel the words I was speaking.

If I look back on my story of being shy I had convinced myself that I was unable to talk to people. Faking confidence helped me to see that in fact that wasn’t true!

Remember actors fake all the time. They fake the character they are playing.

I truly believing in faking confidence until you  feel self-confident because it helped me and I know it can help you if you are willing to use it and give it a go.

No one needs to know what you are doing – it can be your little secret 🙂

Learn how to fake it till you make it by using it every day.

Even if you are completely scared about speaking up at an event or walking into a crowded room full of people you don’t know, no one will know that but you.

When you learn to fake confidence you walk tall, speak as if what you say matters and look at people directly when they are speaking to you – you are faking confidence – and what happens is it helps you to actually build confidence.

One day you wake up and you are no longer faking it!

Have you ever faked confidence?

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