5. You limit your self-confidence when you don’t try to succeed because you believe people won’t like you

One of my biggest fears of being successful was that people won’t like me. As I had no self confidence getting people to like me and making sure I always did things to ensure people liked me was what I believed was me.

When I saw just how limiting living that way made me I wanted to change it and I had spent so long being other people’s doormat and doing what I was told that I wasn’t even sure if I could be any different.

When you succeed people hate you. That is a fact.

They will talk about you and dislike you – the thing to remember is their dislike of you is all about their own lack of self confidence.

Rather than look at their own weaknesses and spend time strengthening them they prefer to put down other people who are working towards their goals. They talk about them, ridicule them and make themselves feel better by belittling them.

Why on earth did I sabotage my success for people like that? That is the question I had to ask myself.

If you believe that people won’t like you if you become a success then you are absolutely right. People won’t like you.

Especially the people you leave behind; still stuck, still too afraid to change their circumstances. Still believing that their ultimate success is at the mercy of other people, that the only way they can be successful is if someone else makes it happen.

Celebrate! You neither want nor need these people to like you! Along the road to whatever success is for you, you will meet people just like you.

Its all about attraction – like attracts like! Stop concerning yourself with people who have no ambition.

Okay, you have known them for the last 20 years, I understanding that, but if they have no inclination to support you why would you want that in your life?

Change in itself can be scary even when we initiate it, and sometimes the familiar can help us to feel safe.

An old friend that you can still engage in your old ways with, but eventually you will realise that all you are doing is limiting, stunting and sabotaging your growth. I did!

The question here is “Are you ready to release yourself from people who do not support you?”

On your journey to build a better life for yourself there will always be “haters” as the rappers like to call them.

There will always be those people who get upset because you have “left them behind” or because “you think you are better than they are.” It is a big part of the life of a successful person, having people that dislike them for it.

But, here’s the thing, what other people think of you is NONE of your business! (Go ahead and read that again).

Let them talk, let them criticise, they hurt no one but themselves when they engage in these activities.

Just keep your focus on where you are and where you want to be because along the way you will meet positive people who will support you and you them.

“There is only one success – to spend your life in your own way.”
– Christopher Morley

Number 6: Lack of Support

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