It sounds so wonderfully grand, doesn’t it?, being able to live your dream? As if it is worth dedicating your whole life towards making it happen.

But what’s the truth behind the romantic facade that the ‘gurus’ sell us? What does it take to live your dream?

Well, here’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

I was inspired today. I had begun to think I had heard it all when it comes to motivational messages but this one caught my attention.

Not because it promised great wealth, big houses, and million dollar yachts as the answer to fulfillment but because it told the truth.

A man, a trained vet, left it all behind because he had a passion and purpose that was bigger than that. He wanted to make films. He believed in the power of stories told through a lens.

His name is Geoff Talbot and today he inspired me to keep going because when you aspire to live your dream you inspire others to aim for theirs….

“My dream is to make films and I have given up a lot to follow that dream”

Strength and Support

Just how much do you want what you say you want?

How much whispering is going on in your head? That is your soul talking to you – maybe even begging you – to listen and take action.

The truth is if you are going to follow your hearts desire, your true passion, it is going to take both inner strength from you and support from those around you.

“In the past 18 months I have slept in well over 35 different locations. I have run out of money 25 or 26 times. See the truth is I don’t have to live this way. I have chosen to live this way…”

I gave up all the work that I do online because I am determined to pursue my dream as a writer.

I still have income coming in from a few old clients but I took a job as a care worker so that I can make sure my kids don’t completely starve and I have given myself the space to make this happen.

Last year I stopped doing everything else I was doing. Nothing was going to get in the way.

For 2013 my only goal is to promote my eBook which will become a physical book in the Spring. Feel and Rebuild Self-Confidence.

Desire and Determination

The absolute must when it comes to being able to live your dream is that you MUST commit to it and be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Reading the Icarus Deception by Seth Godin made me realize that I am not crazy to want to do this.

I am ready to be sorry rather than safe and I know I need to fly higher than ever to make this happen.

In the book Seth Godin says : “Art requires the artist to care, and to care enough to do something when he knows that it might not work.” Well I care enough about this book and all the others I will write.

I know that one of them and even all of them have the potential to reach out to the people I want to reach out to the most.

The women who are stuck, afraid, bored, scared, and lifeless because their dream is stuck within them and can’t get out.

“What is more important than telling stories is living your story, living your dream.”

I am already living my dream and right now it is the epitome of the starving artist but I am so very happy.

I work on other things to bring some income in but that just traps my soul and shuts me down. It is necessary though when you have young mouths to feed.

Now, my intention is to ramp my dream up so I live my goal of world travel and creating experiences with my children.

I have been fortunate enough to believe in the power of visualization and affirmations for so long that my bills are always paid. ALWAYS.

Every month since 2010 I have been able to make things happen. I still find myself worrying about it occasionally and that is part of my journey that I am working on.

Total surrender for a control freak is a scary thing but more and more each year I let go. Since studying metaphysics late last year and Taoism this year I find myself letting go even more.

Patience and Persistence

I have no delusions of grandeur when it comes to the life of a writer.  I know the truth is many published writers earn 0.50 or less per book sold at the beginning.

I do believe in the power of the internet though and thanks to eBooks and Kindle I can get my book out to the wider world.

Luckily enough for me my years of online marketing and helping other people write and promote blogs means I know how to build my own online profile.

However, that doesn’t mean I will suddenly sell 20,000 copies of my eBook overnight (although it could, I am open to it happening as soon as tomorrow 🙂 ) as optimistic as I am I am also a little bit of a realist.

Maybe there is a limiting belief in there somewhere but I appreciate that patience and persistence are two qualities a writer must harness to prevent being dragged off to the loony bin.

“Every dream that is worth living has obstacles. Has things that must be overcome and obstacles are what make a story great.”

Faith and Forgiveness

Whether you like the word faith or not you are going to need it. A belief. Certainty. Let’s not get caught up in semantics. Find your own word to describe it.

You are going to need a strong KNOWING about what you are taking on and the fact that it might not work.

You will need awareness about your counter-intentions and limiting beliefs that may stop you from taking action.

You will need to be willing to work on living your dream every day, little by little, until it becomes your actual experience.

“Whatever your dream is live it. Whatever obstacles you have to overcome, overcome it.”

I believe in me. I refuse to define myself by past performance because my past performance sucks! I know I am not defined by what I used to be and only by what I intend to make happen.

I have friends and family who believe in me. They do and always have supported my wildest dreams and ideas. They listen to as I share them and console me when I end them.

My children, despite the life we live now, believe in me. They watch me as I count the pennies and still focus on the wonderful things we already have and the rainbow that is ours now as we leave our personal storm behind now.

I have to thank Geoff Talbot. It is 2am and here I am typing up this blog post because I am so excited again that I can hardly sleep.

Are you ready to live your dream?

If you are going to live your dream the rewards are huge. So too are the risks. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth… this is the scariest, most frustrating, very exciting, craziest, spiritual time I have ever had the unfortunate pleasure to experience.

I remind myself through it all that it is what it is. Neither good nor bad.

Would I change my current life for a safe 9-5 where I knew where my next penny will be coming in from? Never.


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