As you begin your journey into learning and using New Thought to bring about prosperity it is important you avoid getting stuck on only asking Divine Intelligence to give you ‘stuff’.

I know when we are broken, broke and beat down we think that filling out life with stuff will help. Yes, it will relieve the pressure – especially if you are desperate to pay bills BUT your spiritual life can not revolve around asking and expecting to receive.

Imagine meeting a person and falling in love. How long will you stay with them if all they ever want to do is ask you for stuff. Give me this, I need money for this, I need to buy that. They ask and they take and you are happy to provide…. BUT wouldn’t it be great if they spent some time getting to know you first?

The Energy of Life (God) wants to know you. To live a truly prosperous life it can not be based on purely asking and expecting to receive.

Your spiritual life must be based on building a relationship with God, and being open to doing His will.

Repeating affirmations and prayers about God (the Lord’s prayer is always a good one), giving thanks and saying prayers/affirmations in gratitude and speaking to your own Divine consciousness.

It is your deeper connection with yourself that allows you to develop a connection with Divine Truth.

Stand In Faith When Nothing Happens

I think this is the hardest part of being involved in anything like New Thought when you are asking and waiting for something to happen in your life. It is at these times that simply staying in grace with God and repeating prayers and affirmations of faith/belief can really help.

So too will expressing gratitude for your life as it is right now because I find gratitude will help you stay very much in the present moment.

Below is a metaphysical prayer from Paramahansa Yogananda that I love if you are looking for answers

If You Want His Answer

Whether He replies or not, Keep calling Him—

Ever calling in the chamber Of continuous prayer.

Whether He comes or not, Believe He is ever approaching

Nearer to you With each command of your heart’s love.

Whether He answers or not, Keep entreating Him.

Even if He makes no reply In the way you expect,

Ever know that in some subtle way He will respond.

In the darkness of your deepest prayers,

Know that with you He is playing Hide-and-seek.

And in the midst of the dance of life, disease, and death,

If you keep calling Him, Undepressed by His seeming silence

You will receive His answer.

So by all means go ahead and say prayers / make demands that are addressed directly to Infinite Intelligence. Make your demands from a place of faith and BE OPEN to receiving them by building a stronger relationship with your individual consciousness.

Let go of what you believe your life should be and be open to following guidance/inspiration – let His will be done. Also pray and affirm the beauty and the power of God that surrounds you as a reminder of how much you love the connection between the two of you.

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