A friend sent me a link to a great video on TED in which Jane Fonda talks about the ‘longevity revolution.’

She focuses on the fact that we are living longer than ever before – 30 years longer than our parents generation and she called the last three decades of life from age 50 upwards ‘the third act’

During the ‘third act’ Jane recommends we look at and ask ourselves “how do we live our time successfully?” and  that we take a look at finish up the task of finishing yourself. Doing a life review will give you new significance and meaning by working at changing your relationship to your past, redefining yourself and becoming whole.

I believe I began the business of finishing up myself when I was 30 and I have met other women who at the age of early to mid thirties begin to look at how their life can be different.

By age 40 and definitely 50 (from what friends have told me) you begin to think about what you have accomplished in life and what there is to do next.

I really enjoyed listening to this video and I recommend you watch it.

It might give you the motivation you need to start looking at your life now, no matter what age you are because it is evident that even later in life if you can heal your past of negative experiences you get to live life from a place of peace and that is a wonderful place to be.

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