Middle Aged Women Are Sexy too
What’s with the slower pace?
Don’t you know us older women
Can keep up in a race
We may have more that jiggles and swirls
Its extra to hang on to
But we can definitely go the distance
We’ll never put up any kind of resistance

You bet we sweat and plenty of it
Gyrating and grinding until we hit
The peak state only known by those
Who move in a hypnotic way
And trance their man until they say
Baby let’s go home it’s time to play!

So mister don’t you worry none
I’ve got your pace, we’ll have some fun
Where you will lead I’ll surely follow
Just pick me up we’ll start tomorrow
No moves to learn just go with the flow
We’ll make up our dance as we go

Before I end
I want you all to know
Toned and taut your body doesn’t need to be
to express its sexuality
and every man who is into that jazz
loves the ample extra a middle aged woman has

So stop your talk of thin and fit, embrace the voluptuous bit
Of a woman that has plenty to offer
You’ll soon discover what you have been missing
Once you get into dancing and kissing

I’ll warn you there’s plenty of passion in there
She’ll rip your clothes, she’ll pull your hair
She’ll tell you put it here not there

She has no time for a man who doesn’t know
The sexuality of a middle aged woman she’ll show
And when she’s done there’s no time to rest
Just eat and enjoy her at her best

Written by Diane Corriette


I hope you enjoyed reading my poem written especially for middle aged women – thank you for sharing.

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