ZESTIZM focuses on documenting my desire to regain a zest for life after 40. It is about working towards being able to redefine age and what I believe is possible as I get older. I hope that sharing my story inspires you to do something about your health and fitness if you are unhappy about where you are right now. It’s never too late to re-start life by developing a love of fitness. If I can anyone can. 

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My Story

I don’t believe being 49 means I have to accept age-related aches, pains and illness as if it is “normal”. I decided to see normal as having a healthy, sculpted body.

Zestizm Blog

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Make A Change – Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself and have fun making a change. I have challenged myself and changed my life, improved my fitness and transformed my eating habits. Enjoy the challenges below. If you really want to redefine age in a way that helps you appreciate how much more you are capable of achieving then setting your self a challenge is a great way to do that. Once complete it will only serve to motivate you to want to do more and enjoy achieving more. Age doesn’t have to limit us.

Make A Change

If you are looking to make a change challenges can help you set an outcome for yourself and see it through to completion.


I love fitness challenges. There are fun challenges like a 30 day butt challenge and more serious fitness challenges.

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