I have decided it is time to “get myself out there” and submit some of my flash fiction stories (for those who don’t know, flash fiction is a very short story that is under 1,000 words and usually around 500 words) to different online venues. They say (whoever “they” are) that you never forget your first time so I thought I would publish a blog post to commemorate my first time of being published online that wasn’t on my own blog.

my first flash fiction story published on ether booksEther books

“Ether Books is a new social reading platform for mobile, connecting writers and readers around the world.”

Source:- Ether Books.com

They publish very short stories for people who are looking for a quick read from their phone.

The story I submitted is Mama Africa – which is one of the flash fiction stories included in my book

The Last Hut <== which is also available on Amazon and when I pull my finger out and get it up eBook too. 🙂