1. You limit your self confidence when you indulge in negative thinking

It may be no surprise to hear that one! Your life is built on the thoughts you think and the words you speak.

When you engage in negative thinking it impacts your words and the actions you take (or refuse to take). It also has a damaging effect on the people around you too.

There are plenty of people in your life who are ready, willing and eager to spread the doom and gloom over why things just won’t work. Or why you are just not capable of achieving what you hope to.

Unfortunately family and friends can be the worst culprits! They will always willingly let you know why you will fail. Why it won’t work out.  But negative messages from other people can only affect you if you allow them to.

Learn to brush them off. It’s time to become stronger about who you are and what you stand for.

The question here is “Are you going to allow what people say to stop you from taking action?”

Is the opinion of others more important than the opinion you hold of yourself? Are you ready to tackle the negative thinking that goes on in your head (here’s a tip!

If you hear yourself thinking negative talks just shout – either out loud or in your head – “cancel” and then turn it round to something more affirming)

Thinking bigger, wanting more, working towards achievements can make you a target for negative messages from your co-workers, family, friends and even total strangers because most people are too afraid to try.

When you have a strong conviction within yourself, when you work towards ensuring all your thoughts empower you rather than dis-empower you, then you will be going some way towards transforming how you think and feel.

What you think about yourself will have a profound effect on your self confidence and will determine whether you are a success or whether you give up. Begin the journey of thinking great things about who you are and what you can achieve.

I was raised in a family that would always talk about why something won’t work or why something will go wrong. Of course my parents were raised in a family of people who did the same thing and I discovered something quite freeing about this attitude.

They think this way because they believe they are protecting me. It is not about hurting me but they want to keep me safe – being negative and putting things down is their way of dealing with that.

As an adult I decided that in my family that attitude and way of operating would stop with me.

I will never tell my children they are not capable of doing something and I will always encourage their dreams because as far as I am concerned if they believe they can do it who am I to tell them otherwise.

How do you help yourself give up negative thinking? Well its a process really and one that you make progress in every day.

You need to read, listen to and spend time with people who believe in their ability. You need to take a long hard look at why you think the way you do paying particularly attention to your major negative thoughts.

You will find behind that negative thought is a positive intention and when you can discover what that intention is you can stop trying to protect yourself.

I find the easiest way to start is to use affirmations.

You may need to learn how to write them and use them correctly so you include your feelings and to ensure they work for you but it is so worth it.

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Number Two: Mediocrity

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