Staying over at a friend’s house this weekend I got to enjoy a Nutribullet breakfast. I named it a Nutty Green Smoothie
The ingredients include

  • Almond nuts
  • spinach
  • ginger
  • cucumber
  • apple

I have already written about the difference between a smoothie and vegetable juice and this was definitely a smoothie.

Thick to eat and it tasted lovely.
I am sticking to juicing for now because I prefer the way it enters my system and I am used to it now.

A number of people say it leaves them hungry but I found after a few months your stomach actually gets used to it – or at least mine did, I can only talk for myself.

If the future I do want to make smoothies I would probably use a nutribullet rather than a blender because its compact and (according to the marketing spiel) is better at extracting the nutrients from fruit as well as vegetables.

They say the nutribullet is a nutrition extractor designed to break down the cell walls of the food unleashing the nutrients inside.

I love the fact that you can include things like oats, avocado and nuts when making a serving because it means essential fats are also being included.

Plus, I  love the make-it-and-go cup that comes with it – saves on washing up at least.

nutribullet green smoothie

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