There comes a time in everyone’s personal growth when they get a little sick and tired of attending seminars and reading books.

They want to know the truth about building self-confidence. They just want to be ‘fixed’ already and they can’t work out why it isn’t happening for them. Back in 2005 when I was a new life coach I had people come to me that expected me to fix them.

They paid me thinking I held the magic key that was going to get them to where they wanted to be without any work.

It took me some time to appreciate that the real power was never with me (and I was egotistical to think it was) but that it was and always has been with them.

The truth is that only you hold the power to transform your life.

This is an important statement that you should read again. The responsibility is all yours!

I am a catalyst or a bridge that helps you get to your end journey but it is your desire and determination to do whatever it takes towards building your confidence that makes it all happen.

The other important lesson to share is that building self-confidence will only work if you want it.

Again, this is all about responsibility. The truth towards building self-confidence is that you will only enjoy success if YOU really want it.

Not because your mom wants you to be more confident or because your partner does. Real, lasting change only happens when it is something we want for ourselves. That is true not only for self-confidence but for anything else we want in our life.

Whether it is to lose weight, give up smoking, get off drugs. While help and assistance is available to kick all of those habits it can only truly work if it is something we want for ourselves.

The responsibility for building self-confidence lies with no one but you.

That will either scare you to death or it will excite you into action because you truly understand that if the power is with you then you have everything you need to change your life if you are not happy with it.

If you are in a conversation where you keep buying all these books and listening to all these audios and yet nothing in your life is changing you might want to look at whether you have placed the power for things to change with the book, or audio, or seminar teacher or coach!

Take a look at whether you have completed the exercises, and carried out the tips they provided, and you are doing something daily to build your self-confidence.

Or are you just reading a book before moving on to the next book, and then the next book.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with investing in your personal growth you must make an effort to use what you learn. If you never implement anything life will remain the same and nothing will change.

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