I read this great analogy about people entering the third age (apparently that starts over 40) and how we are either taking off or landing.

Most of the time we are landing because we believe, especially when we hit 50, that it is time to slow down.

Well, that got me thinking about me. Which one am I?

Well, I thought, I think I’m grounded because I am not heading towards anything or slowing down either.

I have been on the ground waiting to take off and that seems like a great place to be as long as I am happy being here, and I am.

So this one line that I read in a book suddenly became a whole analogy for me.

I need a purpose to keep going – that’s being at the right airport

Then I need goals to help me achieve my purpose – that’s me taking off and flying high in the sky is me having fun working towards achieving something.

I could actually be grounded and going no place fast – as long as I am happy that’s fine and when I am not I find an airport!

Landing. Yes, it could mean slowing down and it can also mean I am coming to the end of something. I am landing so that I can find myself another airport and take off again, or stay grounded for a while.

Finally, the thing that holds this all together.

The fuel that helps my plane continue to fly.

Well, that’s self-confidence. Without self-confidence in our ability no amount of planning will lead to an achievement worth enjoying.

The truth is when taking off it doesn’t have to be some major lofty goal. I don’t seem to be into them right now.

It could be something as simple as learning a language, planning a get together with my children or a weekend away somewhere. As long as I feel I have something to work towards I am happy.

Taking off is when I am happiest. When there is something to work towards achieving. It is what keeps me going and when I am without a purpose, as I seem to have been for the past few years, it can be hard to know what to do with myself.

In life having purpose is important. There is nothing worse than getting to 50 and believing there is nothing more for me to do. How about you? Are you feeling like life is coming to a standstill and you are landing with no flights to look forward to? What will it take to find a new airport?

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