I wanted to show what a plant-based diet day of eating looks like in this video and provide a bit of an update.

It was a bit of a foggy day so I stayed in. This is my attempt to share more of what I like to eat and also share some information on Heather who has lost 100lbs on a plant-based diet.

Now I am at home alone I get to choose 100% of what I eat and I choose to eat plant-based. There is so much research about the health benefits of eating a plant-based diet out there and I am a big juicer and love juicing. This is how I want to eat but I do also enjoy eating meat and still have a love of burgers and susages.

My daughter gave me a fit bit, which has showed me how little I am moving at the moment, because it showed up as less than 2,000 steps for the day. The average recommended number is 10,000 so I am way behind that.

My plant-based eating for the day

Chickpea curry with coconut milk is one of my favourite plant-based meals. It contains spinach, courgettes, tinned tomatoes and coconut milk, chick peas (and sometimes lentils too).

I also show my green juice of cucumber, spinach, apple, celery, ginger, courgettes (zucinni) and lime.

Tofu breakfast includes spinach, onions and tomatoes. Plus a spinach, blueberry and avocado smoothie.

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