This weekend my youngest is visiting his dad so it seemed like the ideal time to have a plant eating day. I do my best to have two plant eating days a week (minimum) and on those days I eat nothing but plant food.

No wheat, no meat, and no dairy – although I would allow organic yoghurt with blueberries.

For my plant eating day today I had yesterday’s orange soup that was left over (with sweet potato, squash, red lentil and orange pepper soup) and half a roasted aubergine with roasted carrots, yellow pepper and tahini for lunch.

In the evening I had the other half of my aubergine with wholegrain rice, roasted carrots and yellow pepper, drizzled with tahini.

As I fast from 7pm – 11am (usually until mid-day nowadays) I don’t start eating until around lunch time anyway.

In the mornings I spend my time drinking water. Either juice from half a lemon squeezed into hot water or fresh mint in hot water. I love them both.

Health Benefits of Tahini

In case you don’t know what tahini is, it is a paste made from ground sesame seeds.
Tahini is a great source of calcium (in case you are thinking about giving up dairy) and has been called one the BEST sources of calcium available. It is also a great source of protein too.

It contains a number of B viatmins included B15, B2, B3, B1 and B5 plus a great source of minerals (potassium, lecithin, iron and magnesium)

I first tasted tahini several years ago after attending a workshop called Women’s Healing Ways. It including a night out in the woods (not my favourite time) and a lesson on healthy foods. I also found about about miso soup at that time too.

Although I have used Tahini off and on for years now that I am focused heavily on eating a plant based diet it is making a comeback.

I am really loving this way of eating and could see myself eating this kind of food every day. It is actually surprisingly filing, especially when a grain like rice is added to it. I will also use Quinoa and am looking into something called Teff, which is an Ethiopian grain.

What I do need are more seasoning options. I have some Moroccan spices now and am going in search of an Ethiopian spices too. I think it will make a plant-based diet far more interesting!

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