Writing A Personal Journal


My free eBook the importance of writing a personal journal shares the many ways a journal can enrich our life and become a wonderful source of release. This is a free ebook. Appreciate you sharing the love.


I first wrote this free ebook – the importance of writing a personal journal – back in 2011 and I have updated it for 2018.

Writing has a way of healing. When you write something down that troubles you it makes space for solutions to come your way. When you write something down that excites you it gives you an opportunity to always look back on that event with fondness.

Call it a personal journal for self-discovery, a financial journal, a spiritual journal, a health journal or a life journal – the name isn’t important. What is, is your ability to regularly write down your thoughts, events, plans, challenges, frustrations, loves and successes in one because it will become your greatest teacher about who you are in the world and why your life is the way that it is.

A journal truly is the hidden key to personal growth and self-discovery. The sooner you start one the quicker you will find this out for yourself.

“Why do I keep this voluminous journal? Partly because life appears to me such a curious and wonderful thing that it almost seems a pity that even such a humble and uneventful life as mine should pass altogether away without some such record as this . . .”  Curate, Francis Kilvert – 1871


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