I have spent years writing and speaking about the benefits of self-confidence and why its worth putting your energy into something you are passionate about but why?

Why is it worth focusing on how to rebuild self-confidence?

In NLP in order to help you understand why a particular value is important to you, you ask yourself the question… and what will that give me?

Well, I have been asking that very same question about self-confidence lately.

I have been busy writing my first self-published book of flash fiction stories. I am able to think about writing and publishing those stories because I have confidence in my abilities to write.

In the past my own self-imposed boundaries stopped me from even thinking about making it available for other people to read but I moved passed them.

I released my first written content in the form of an eBook back in 2005 and have been working towards self-publishing, and now here I am.

You have to put  a lot of effort into rebuilding self-confidence (perhaps years) so why bother if you can’t see what doing so will give you? It is an important question to answer and once you have an answer it will make the effort needed worthwhile.

You will also find you won’t want to give up because you know why you are doing it. Most importantly, it will provide you with a strong sense of who you are and what you are capable – it will give you FULFILLMENT.

For me, writing my first of many books has provided me with a strong sense of fulfillment. I set out to do something and I made it happen.



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