I have decided to step out of the safety of the familiar and get into a new area that is totally foreign to me. Publishing. I have decided to become an independent publisher of very short books called Chapbooks.

In a time when eBooks are revolutionizing the publishing industry you may wonder why I would be so crazy. I am wondering that myself. ?

The truth is traditional publishing as we know it is struggling to survive and getting a publishing deal could take me years of effort and rejection (I may still consider it) plus they keep all the profits. I know I get a lot of help and support from a publishing company and that is a major plus, but is it enough not to have a go myself?

Self-publishing is a great option for me but all I really get from that is an ISBN number. Everything else I have to do myself.

So I thought why not step away from blogging and online marketing. Step away from the safety of the familiar and step into something new and unfamiliar. What’s the worst that can happen?

When I manage to sell my own books, whether offline at events or online, a publishing company will be impressed with my initiative and more likely to offer me a deal anyway. So, while I am waiting to decide if I will go the traditional publishing route I am starting my own publishing company.

I like the fact that it will be another string to my bow. Something I do that takes me away from my computer and out into the world where I must mix with real people.

It will take planning and preparation

The one thing about stepping away from the safety of the familiar and everything you already know in your life is the fact that some planning and preparation must take place.

I wouldn’t ditch everything and just throw myself into publishing. I am taking it a step at a time.

I have a timeline of what I want to achieve and why when. Of course life sometimes gets in the way of plans. My life has taught me that but I am at least focused on making things happen.

I know how difficult it can be to make the leap. I guess I have done it enough times to know that I will manage whatever happens.

Some of my friends who have been working for years and really want to be doing something else are afraid. The safety of the familiar keeps them stuck, which is unfortunate.

The only way around it is to plan it all out and take your time. There is no reason you have to throw away everything you know to embrace something new and unfamiliar.

You can take your time and let it all happen gradually.


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