I am running out of food and mainly had ‘bits and pieces’ to eat. Usually this is when I will reach for the bread or biscuits. Something carb based and unhealthy.

However, today I managed to put together a combination of things that made lunch and that would also make a great breakfast too. It is high protein thanks to the sardines and broccoli and definitely low carb.

Sardines olives and broccoli

I have already covered the health benefits of sardines – you can click the link to read it.

They are a great source of vitamin D and being an oily fish they are also great to eat.

Using my coconut oil I fried the broccoli. I also added some onions and mushrooms.

Then I added the sardines and put a lid on the frying pan to let that all steam slowly.

Finally, a few minutes before the end I added the olives (after remembering they were in the fridge!) which I had rinsed out under the tap so that they are not as salty as they usually are when eaten.

That was it. It was all cooked very quickly. I cook this depending on how soft I want my broccoli to be. I like mine quite firm so under 10 minutes is enough.


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