I have always found that self confidence and role models go well together. Having a role model gives you someone to aspire too – the idea is not to spend time wishing you were them but instead to enjoy working towards bringing out in yourself the best qualities you see in them.

One of my childhood heroes was Wonder Woman – before the bionic woman came along of course – I loved the fact that Wonder Woman was so great at catching the bad guys and with her magic lasso no one could ever lie to her.

Now  my role model is Queen Latifah – man do I love this woman – big, black and beautiful (not unlike myself… 😀 ) she is so full of self confidence and you can see it flow from her.

She fills me full of confidence just looking her!

Maybe over 40 we are a little too old for hanging posters on our bedroom wall – although if I ever find one of Queen Latifah I will pin it up with pride! But just having an image around of someone who inspires you can help you to feel confident too.

It can be a family member or a person you have always admired who inspires you whenever you think about them. Self confidence and role models are not just about focusing on a celebrity. Plus you are not focusing on how great they are compared to how lousy you believe yourself to be – always remember that.

If you can’t think of a person then choose a piece of music or a piece of art. Whatever works for you is what is important. Right now just spend time finding something that reminds you of just how absolutely amazing you are.


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