You are busy building self confidence and you want to feel better about yourself than you do now. Well it is important to remember that our thoughts create our feelings.

If you think negative thoughts you will feel them, if you think you are not good enough you will feel low and they will create experiences that keep that in place for you. Self confidence then becomes as much about what you feel than what you think.

While I recommend affirmations to help improve self confidence you must remember that affirmations are not something that work if you just think about them and repeat them.

The key to being successful with affirmations is to FEEL them. You have to learn how to raise your energy and your vibration enough to make yourself feel the words. If you are saying “every day in every way I feel more self confident than I ever have” – you need to feel more self confident.

You need to feel uplifted, excited, passionate – whatever feeling you equate with self confidence. It is not for me to tell you what that feeling should be – it must be something that YOU decide. It must be defined by you.

So, if you decide that self confidence gives you a feeling of excitement.

You repeat your affirmations while feeling excited. Feel confident as you sit in your team meeting, allow that excitement to well up inside you then start talking and contributing in your team meeting. Allow the feeling of self confident to push you that much further.

What you think about is who you become and while thinking yourself confident is important feeling yourself confident is even more important.

You can think “I am confident” all day but if you do not FEEL it you will find it a very long journey towards building your self confidence and feeling a life of joy and passion.

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