I was watching “He’s just not that into you”. It gets to the part where the character played by Jennifer Aniston realises that the man she dumped for not wanting to get married is more of a husband to her than the men her sisters were married to who sit and do nothing to help.

If that character had kept a journal of why she was blessed to have that man in her life maybe she might have come to that conclusion without having to dump him!

Have you ever let go of a great relationship because it didn’t fulfill all your needs? Is it possible that the good stuff outweighed that small need it never met or was it a deal breaker?

In this self-discovery journal session it is time to look at why you are blessed to her a personal/love/sexual relationship in your life.

It is so easy to get complacent with the people we are in a relationship with and using your journal is a great way to remind yourself how great things are. Of course if you get the opposite understanding then you might decide to do something about that…

So depending on whether you are a man / woman you will start with this self-discovery journal prompt

I love my wife because….

(husband / partner / girlfriend / boyfriend – whichever applies)

Just keep writing as many as you can for as long as you can. Hopefully, it will help you come up with some stories that you might be able to use if you are writing a journal as a memoir.

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