Today’s journal prompt is for self-discovery. In order to know what you need you must first take a look at what your needs are so you are clear.

“What are my emotional, relationship, spiritual, physical, mental, financial needs?”

Open a page in your journal and write the answers to that question. You can either write each area on a new page or divide a page down the middle and write two areas on one page.

Write for as long as you feel the need and be open to getting insights throughout the day.  I usually find that the first things I write are not the deepest. They are my shallow needs and what I really believe I need comes after that, after contemplating this question for some time.

Once you feel you have completed that exercise you may also want to think about this question

“I meet my needs by….?”


How do you meet your needs? Do you meet your needs? Will you take responsibility for meeting your own needs? Who do you expect to meet your needs?

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