How are you talking to your body? – This self-discovery journal  prompt will get you to look at how you ‘talk’ to your body. I recently took part in a 21 day health meditation challenge put on by Deepak Chopra and he said something I wanted to share. When you speak allowed and when you think your thoughts your body is listening. So even if you say  “my body looks so ugly” while I might not hear you because you thought it rather than spoke it, your body is still listening and will respond. It will continue to ensure it becomes ‘ugly’ in your eyes.

Instead he said we should send love to those parts of ourselves we do not like right now and/or that are not well. Think about a part of your body you are not happy with. Instead of putting it down and focusing on the fact that you don’t like it

“I hate my neck. As I get older it gets more wrinkles”

Can you instead just send love to yourself and your neck? Bask in the glory of being alive and having this wonderful thing called a neck that supports your head and is a vital part of your body. There are so many other reasons to love your neck – can you focus on those instead?

Today take a look at how you talk to your body. What you say to yourself and others.

Your body is listening. It will respond in kind. Remember this…

All physical reality begins with thought…

It continues with thought…

It is held into place by thought…

Now consider some of the thoughts you think. If simply thinking about them are holding them in place you can choose to begin to think in a different way. Use your journal to write out what you think right now and what you choose to replace those thoughts with instead.

Get a clear idea of this in all areas of your life. Writing it out will help you discover where you put yourself down. Where you are not kind to yourself about things that have happened.



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