I made a mistake in believing that self-love was all about loving myself for who I am and the way I look. My mistake was that I used it as a reason to stay fat.

I loved myself and that was all that mattered is how I justified it. I was happy and I was fat. People love me for who I am and I love myself for who I am – fat and all.

That is the attitude that has kept me overweight for years.

Because, now I truly believe if self-love is evident then why wouldn’t I want to look after my body? Feed it the best foods, in the right portions, and exercise it to keep it healthy?

This journey of mine is a health one. One that has the wonderful side benefit of weight loss. I focus on weight loss because its tangible. I can see when it goes down and when it goes up (according to the scales) and it gives me something to work towards, but being healthy is a much bigger picture.

A very important lesson I have learnt is that being healthy involves looking after more than just my nutrition and what I eat, it also involves focusing on:

  • my mindset and how I think/feel about the world.
  • my social circle and how active I am with family and friends
  • how often I spend time breathing deeply so that my body is filled with oxygen (we spend most of the day shallow breathing so take a huge breath now)
  • whether my body is working to eliminate toxins and old food often enough

There are other things that make up healthy living and those are what I am focused on now in my new journey towards self-love.

Self-love my new journey

Now, self-love for me is all about making sure my body is moving often. Yes, the dreaded exercise word. I say dreaded because right now I just can’t seem to get into it, but I will fake it until I become it.

Now, self-love for me is all about eating the right types of food. Healthy alternatives and finding/creating new ways to eat healthy food. Right now I am working on some tasty salad dressings that contain healthy ingredients.

I want to spend time working on my different aspects of a healthy life so that I can enjoy being alive.

Not sick, tired, and full of mucus like I was before I started this journey.

Not losing flexibility, poor stamina and aches and pains that I put down to “middle age” as an excuse to do nothing about it.

Now I have some new knowledge and armed with that knowledge I will focus on real self-love. Looking after my body from the inside out. Making sure I do all I can to remain fit and healthy in middle age and beyond.



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