I wonder sometimes if I need to get myself onto a creative writing workshop. I am not trained to write. I am creative and love to write but there is a part of me saying I need to go back to school. Of course that could just be the bloody internal critic I have heard so much about. It always appears as I read through something I have written.

Anyway. I have been reading about “show don’t tell” and even bought a kindle ebook about it.

That’s what prompted the quote.

It is a reminder for me as I write my short stories. I need to write about the perspiration running down his muscular chest, rather than saying he was hot and sweaty. I have to write about her chewing her food more than the required 25 times and feeling the grease slip down her throat. Rather than write about her eating a piece of chewy (and greasy) meat.

I prefer to tell. But it seems show is more exciting. I am giving it a go by making up sentences that tell and rewriting it as a show. It will at least put my brain into show mode… hopefully. Show me don’t tell me… okay, I will give it a go.

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