Along the journey

I step aside

Then wonder where I’m going

Lost more time

Still no dream

The empty fridge reminds me

Can’t lose all hope

Just cry aloud

And scream and curse that this must work

Energy low and tears so close

Get back on track, dust misery off

and try again to stay afloat

until I step aside again


Stepping aside

written October 2011 by Diane Corriette

Sometimes rather than struggle with what isn’t working I find it easier to step aside, let go, and allow whatever is going to happen to happen. This was written at a time when things were really bad financially and there was no business coming in and yet the bills still needed to be paid. As hard as I tried to go out and find work nothing was happening. Promises were made and people said they wanted stuff done just not now, which didn’t really help me in that moment.

Some days were worse than others and after an afternoon or night of crying I would pick myself up and start all over again the next day, working towards making something happening, instead of sometimes just stepping aside. It was a tough time and there was a part of me that buried my head and kept thinking if I just sit and focus on the positive work will appear. Eventually, I had to face reality, my situation told me that it just wasn’t going to happen like that and I think I lost a little faith in the universe at that point!

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