In this video I focus on how I want to redefine age by being strong not saggy. I am taking my motivation from the young women who want to be strong not skinny, which is a great goal to achieve. Rather than focusing on being skinny and having no lean muscle and therefore strength in their body their focus has changed to being strong.

I don’t actual mention being strong not saggy much until right at the end but it really is something that I want to focus on more and more. Weight lifting (or strength training using weights) is particularly important for women over 40 I have read because it supports us in maintaining our muscle mass, which disappears by 3-8% every year once we reach 30.

I love this article on the Telegraph that mentions why lifting is the new running for the over-40s – read it here.

I recognise that as I get older it is important to exercise more not less if my goal is to maintain my health in my 70s and beyond. If I want to continue to be active, stay healthy and rely on myself when it comes to living life strength training definitely might be the key to success. The trouble for me is actually getting it done. Finding the motivation to life weights after a working day. This is my struggle as we leave 2017 and head towards 2018.

At this point I am focusing on juicing and cutting out bread and dairy as I head towards doing more juicing. Cutting out bread always makes me feel great. I am on track and planning everything as I work towards changing my lifestyle. The old me keeps dragging me back to the processed foods and sugary carbs. It is a bit of a nightmare then the healthy me comes out and wants me to focus on eating plant-based and being dedicated towards making a change – no matter how difficult.

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