What’s Your Excuse for Not Being Successful in Life? Excuses! Excuses! When we fail to do something we are expected  to do, we almost always have an excuse for it. Even worse, we talk and talk about an idea we have and want to do, but never do it because of the excuses we put in the way!

However, if we analyze it closely, an excuse is a self-destructive alibi for having failed to do something (or not do something), especially when it involves attaining a goal. Instead of trying to persevere in finding ways to continue achieving a goal, some of us resort to excuses, reasons and/or blame.

It requires effort and determination to overcome what stops us. I will not lie and pretend that it is an easy thing to do. We can all use our reasons and excuses for not achieving. We all physical, financial or emotional limits that stop us from achieving and they can either be real or imagined. Fear is one of our biggest limits.

Fear of the unknown, fear of taking the first step – if I was given money every time someone said to me “I know what I want to do, I just need to take the next step” I would be earning a great income!

If you think your biggest limit is physical, like having a weak body, you can counteract this through proper diet and training exercises. As long as the physical parts of your body are intact and mobile, there’s no reason why you cannot make it stronger than it is.

If your biggest limit is financial, then the more reason you have to rise above your present status. And if your financial status limits your educational attainment to improve your life, the school is not the only place to learn. Certainly, there are helpcenters to get you started even from the very beginning.

One of the best is your local library. Its filled with every kind of personal development book, and CD imaginable to get you off to a great start. Once you are initially warmed up with the basics of an education, the rest is up to you. Once you are educationally equipped, use your brain and come up with creative ideas to improve your life rather than as a reason to stop you.

If you are emotionally disturbed with negative thoughts or limiting beliefs, it is like you are sitting on a chair with wobbling legs. Try sitting on a chair with sturdy legs; meaning, look at the bright, positive side of life. Put aside negativity and start thinking positively. The only one who can stop you from doing this is yourself. Seek professional help if you feel you need it.

Find yourself a great self-help CD or book, spend time not only listening and/or reading but doing some of the activities. Find a group of people who meet either on the telephone, through a forum or at a local centre to discuss something that interests and excites you. Read books on creating affirmations and visualization and use these tools to support you in changing your mindset.

If your biggest limit is a combination of any of the physical, financial, or emotional type, congratulations. You should strive more to overcome them, because a double layer of perseverance results to more than double the achievement. Where the odds are greater, the prize gets much bigger. After all the efforts you have exerted, the prize of success shall be a well-deserved one.

So what’s your excuse for not being successful? And how can you begin to work towards overcoming it?

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