6. You limit your self-confidence if you don’t have support

One of the reasons I decided to train as a Life Coach was because of the way it moved me towards my goals so quickly. The other was the support it provided.

At first I didn’t even think about taking on clients, I just wanted to use the tools and support myself to change my life.

When I did start taking on clients I found being in a group full of other life coaches helped me to stay focused.

When you set yourself a goal to build your self-confidence there are a number of different ways to can gain support for yourself. Here are a few ways that I used:

1. Invest in training

Whether it is a free weekend (you don’t have to buy anything), a $5 eBook or a $10,000 weekend retreat if you are serious about building your self confidence you can support yourself by investing in products that will help you – especially at the beginning.

I would not be where I am now if it wasn’t for all the training I decided to undertake – some of it was as simple as following the exercises in a book I bought and others were far more intensive. Whatever you use you need training.

2. Meet up with other people

Nothing is better than having your own social support networking whether it includes a few friends, work colleagues or people you meet online in a social network group.

You want to hang out with other people who are interested in developing themselves because it will give you a place to ask questions and seek advice.

Just being around other positive people can be enough to lift your spirits.

When I wanted to become a speaker I joined a Toastmasters group, when I wanted to build my online business  I joined a mastermind group – actually I have been part of a few over the years – there are all kinds of groups you can join and the support is usually brilliant.

You will make some really strong connections with the people you meet.

3. Have professional one-to-one support

When you are working on a specific goal that you want to achieve the one-to-one support of a professional can really help you. To get rid of deeper inner issues you may seek out a hypnotherapist or counselor.

If you want support with staying focused on achieving a goal you may take on your own life coach to help you.  Yes, you can use a friend or work colleague in a buddy system if you want to do that but having professional one-to-one support will help you work through any limits you may have quicker.

I spent a year working with a spiritual life coach who taught me things about myself that helped me to change the way I thought about life.

One of the biggest lessons I needed to learn focused on the illusions of fear and doubt – too heavy to get into now but for me it was a real eye opener for me and something I may have never discovered if it wasn’t for my coach.

When you set big goals for yourself you need support to help you achieve them, what you need is positive, affirming support from either a group or professional support.

Mastermind Groups or Mastermind Alliances as they are sometimes known are one of the best ways.  This group will be a network of people who see more in you than you see in yourself.

They will be big thinkers, supporters, like minded people that you can rely on to hold up the highest vision of who you are.

The question here is “Where can I find an alliance that will support me in achieving my dreams?”

Knowing that you have your own alliance that is available to you whenever you find yourself in need of motivation, or experiencing a challenge is an important and worthwhile investment of your time and money.


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