I am learning Spanish and decided Telenovela Spanish is one way to go.

Of course I have joined Babbel and am going through a Spanish course.

I have signed up for Spanish speaking podcasts so I can listen to the language, but the crazy plots of Telenovelas have always intrigued me.

My chosen show did not let me down. It’s on Netflix and is called La Casa de al Lado (The House Next Door).

Within 10 minutes of the first series Gonzalo has married the beautiful Ignacia and finds out her dead husbands brother is living in the house they will share together.

The gardener warns him to leave the house and get far away – advice that was probably more helpful before he got married – and half way through the first series the gardener turns up dead.

I like to watch TV when I eat and because I have to focus on reading the sub-titles I ended up with more of my chickpea curry down the front of my top than I did in my mouth.

Still, it was worth it.

The villian of the show is the very handsome Javier whose wife has a Spanish name that I love – Pilar.

Not sure how much this show will help me learn Spanish but it is good to just listen to the language as it is spoken.

There is also Tierra de Reyes, Pasion Gavilanes, and Silvana Sin Lana.

El Chapo and a lot of the others just seemed a little to violent for my tastse but I have quite a few to keep me going.

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