I have an inner journal critic. She often picks on me.

Whenever I sit down to write

She likes to laugh and shout and scoff.

Creativity, she says, is not my thing.

Why bother even try.

Just stop right now and walk away.

Save myself from the pain this day.

For failure is a cross to bear

and she will have me shed a tear.

If only to prove her point.


I stopped and thought about this voice, deep down inside, I had a choice.

To end it with a single blow by giving writing a serious go.

I’ll sit down and allowing myself the freedom to express.

I’ll focus on the way I feel.

The thoughts that make my life so real.

Emotions always running high.

Keeping them in I slowly die.


Out on paper anxiety fades

The insights that I always crave

Are mine to see and learn anew

my journal writing point of view

Is there for me to teach myself

How far in life I have excelled.

And now my inner journal critic

lies dormant while I write.


Written by Diane Corriette


Journal Writing

When you go to write in a journal chances are you may find that you are your own worst critic.

There is no wrong or right way to use a journal. That is where the beauty and the power of it comes from.

There is only your freedom to express how you feel about what’s going in your life.

I know there are times when I stop my free flow by thinking it needs to be different. Needs to have some kind of order or structure to it.

It is at those times that I remind myself of the freedom to just write. Months later when I go look over it I usually find it makes far more sense than it did at the time.




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