the last hut and 29 other flash fiction stories by diane corriette

I love writing flash fiction. There is something about the brevity of it. A very short story that has to entertain you, get you involved in the characters and leave you with a twist, something to think or laugh about.

Ever wondered what it was like to be black and British in the 70s? Or who Zyanne might be? Maybe you share the fantasy of meeting Lenny Henry for coffee, or maybe you, too, have a thing for jazz musicians with brown eyes.

The Last Hut is a collection of 30 very short stories, mostly fictionalised memoirs, memories, dreams, journal entries, and stories, depicting life as a 70s teenager born to West Indian parents finding a way to grow up in multicultural Britain and beyond.

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“Someone asked me if I was afraid to write my memoirs. I told him: ‘We have to stop drawing up accounts of fear! We live in a society in which people are allowed to tell their story, and that is what I do.”

- Salman Rushdie

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