For years many of us who believe in personal growth have been working towards goals that never come to anything, or wanting to achieve something that just keeps eluding us.

At first we may journey down the road called “blame” – after all it’s easier to believe that someone or thing is responsible for us not achieving what we set out to do.

Then one day comes the realization that blame achieves nothing and that looking at how we are responsible for the results we produce in our life is a more powerful method.

We may even begin to look at those who have achieved and wonder what their “secret” must be.

If they managed to focus on and create success from a goal they set themselves, why not you?

If you want to give up smoking why can’t that happen for you?  If you want to attain success in business, why can’t that happen for you?  If you are looking for the partner of your dreams, why shouldn’t you find yours?

There must be something you are missing, some secret, that when told you will be able to achieve life long success and happiness!

And so that search begins, seminars are attended, books are bought and read, books are bought and not read, self development turns into shelf development as the books increase.

More knowledge is attained, more stuff that you “know” and still another workshop, more notes, even more promises that never actual amount to anything. All in the name of personal growth.

(Note: Let me just state right now, I am a lover of workshops, seminars and books, I believe that the most successful people have one thing in common, they all believe that investment in their learning is paramount. But there is one difference, and you will know what that is if you keep reading!)

For some people the search for whatever they believe the “secret” is continues for years, thousands spent on their personal development and still life sucks!

So firstly let me end the search for you, because you will not believe this but what you have been looking for is right before your eyes, you have been searching for something that has been in front of you the whole time

An End To The Search

The search will end for you when you truly GET this! Not understand it, not know it, but truly GET it deep within you.

This is about to be your first light bulb moment because the very thing you are searching for is YOU!

The very person that will ensure success shows up in your life is you, your beliefs about what’s possible, your understanding of what you truly want and your burning desire to achieve what you want.

You hold the key to your success, and while support is important it is not the thing that will make it happen for you.

That’s right; you won’t find “it” in that millionaire guru that charges you hundreds and thousands of dollars just to speak to them.  You won’t find “it” in that new book by that famous author.  “It” won’t even show up on the stage of the latest seminar created to help you find what you are looking for.

All you really need to do is search within; the answer appears when you search within.

I am sorry if that isn’t exciting enough for you.  I apologize if that means you don’t have to go traveling the world in search of the secret, or the answer!

Put everything away now, sit in your own personal space and ask yourself the questions that will show you why your life is not working, how you are stopping your own success and what you can do about it.

“The Life Which Is Unexamined Is Not Worth Living” Socrates

Now you know that you are the person who has the answer to everything you need to know, guess who you need now.  That’s right…. you now need people!

Right now you’re thinking is the other way, you are searching for help from something outside of your self in the hope of delivering results in your life. Once you really GET that you own the answers you need then, and only then, can you look towards getting help from others.

But now that help will be different, because you are asking for support in living your highest potential, in achieving your biggest goals, in ensuring you keep you on track.

You are not waiting for people to tell you what you must do, you are not expecting some expert to “fix” you, or provide you with the answers.

You are now learning how to find your own answers within and when you do, you then go in search of people who will support you in making things happen. See the difference? If you don’t then chances are you don’t really GET “IT”! Re-read this chapter until your light bulb moment cometh!

And the final thing you will need, the other thing that will ensure your life works the way you want it to. The thing that separates those that achieve and enjoy personal growth success and those that don’t…… taking consistent and focused action.

Even in the face of challenges.


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