Do you know that within you is everything you ever need to help you be, do and have everything you ever wanted?

It is called personal power and unlocking your personal power will help you on the path to building your self-confidence.

The only time most of us ever learn about unlocking our confidence building power is when the whole world is crashing and falling apart. We think and feel this way because it is not easy to change.

But change becomes more painful when we ignore it and some people live a miserable life rather than face change.

We learn our lessons when we experience pain.

We finally see the warning signs and signals when things get rough and tough. When do we realize that we need to lose weight or change the way we eat? When none of our clothes fit.

When do we stop eating candies and chocolates? When our teeth have begun to rot and fall out.

When do we realize that we need to stop smoking? When our health suffers as a result of constant smoking.

Change will happen, like it or hate it. At one point or another, we are all going to experience different turning points in our life – and we are all going to eventually unlock our personal power not because the world says so, not because our friends are nagging us, but because we realize it is for our own good.

Happy people don’t just accept change, they embrace it.

Now, you don’t have to wait until a major event happens before realizing the need for confidence building. Unlocking your confidence building power means unlocking yourself from the belief that “it is just the way I am” – which is just a poor excuse people who fear and resist change use to stay stuck.

What’s your story?

Donna repeatedly tells everyone that she doesn’t have the guts to be around groups of people.

She heard her mom, her dad, her sister, her teacher say the same thing about her to other people.

Over the years, Donna has been taught that she just doesn’t have the guts to be in groups. She carries it around as a belief and it becomes her story.

And what happens?

Every time she finds herself in a group situation she tends to step back, shy away and not take part. Donna didn’t only believe in her story, she lived it.

Donna had to realize that she is not her story. Instead of having her story run her life she had to find the strength to show people “I am an important person and I am great at taking part in groups” (that was the affirmation I helped her create for herself).

At some point Donna realized that it is just a belief and beliefs can be changed.

My story used to be that I was too shy to talk to people. It started as a little girl and that was the story I always heard. That I was too shy to talk to people and certainly too shy to be assertive and tell them what I think.

Recently I had to laugh to myself when my mom mentioned talking to her neighbor about the mess their teenagers keep leaving outside on the street. She didn’t want to have to tell them and I told her I would do it.

Her words were “oh yes, because you aren’t afraid to talk to people anymore!” – obviously my mother had finally understood that message 🙂

Unlocking your personal power will help you succeed

I never worked out whether I needed to unlock my personal power to build my confidence or whether building my confidence helped me unlock my personal power.

I think maybe the two happened at the same time.

At least make a start by reading a book or listening to a CD, don’t just passively listen though, pro-actively take part and do the exercises recommended to you.

Three sessions a week at the gym will result in a healthier life over time, reading self improvement books instead of watching reality TV will help you to build a more profound knowledge of life and your place in it.

Little and often is better than nothing at all.

Start small, take your time, there is no rush. Make this happen as and when you can.

Keep a journal to remind you just how far you have come.

How do you unlock your personal power?

Simply believe that you have it in the first place, that it is there to provide all the answers you need out of life, that it will show you the path to take and guide you towards making the decisions you need to make.

The simple act of believing in your personal power is enough to ignite it and from there you will recognize it when it appears, you will learn what helps it to stay around and what makes it disappear.

Watch out for the clues. Life has always been leaving them.

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