Before getting into juicing I searched online to find out if there were any vegetable juicing side effects that I need to be concerned about and/or that might have an adverse effect on me.

I couldn’t imagine there would be anything bad about drinking vegetable juices but too much of anything is never any good for us.

I think that is one of the reasons why my juice cleanses focus on a balance of me eating too, not just pure juice.

So, what vegetable juicing side effects did I find after searching:

1. Stomach aches. When I first juiced I put in a whole lemon including skin and my stomach did not take too kindly to that at all. I can juice lemon with skin now but there are vegetables that may upset your stomach.

2. Get some fiber in you. If I wanted to juice all day for several days (even my short 3 days juice cleanse) I need to make sure I get some form of fiber in me to avoid constipation. I use flax seeds soaked in water for hours. I drink one in the morning and at night.

3. Vary the vegetables. My body will miss out on essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins if I am on a long juice cleanse. Plus too many green juices using vegetables like kale can have an adverse affect on our body.

4. Follow my vegetable juice with water. I read that the acid in juice can cause trouble for my teeth so I follow my juice with water. Again, this is mainly on long-term juicing and its not my focus right now.

5. Lack of energy. I have seen (via videos) and read that this does not last for long.  I had already given up sugar before juicing so I didn’t feel that bad and but after a while energy levels pick up.

With all these vegetable juicing side effects to consider I still think it is the best thing I have ever done for myself.

The veteran of juicing is Jack LaLanne and he lived to be 96 years old, so I’d rather juice than eat crap that’s for sure.

I don’t believe too much of anything, even a good thing, is good for us. Thanks to people like Joe Cross who lived on nothing but vegetable juice for 90 days I think it is safe to say his results were amazing.

Vegetable juicing and loads of water, plus clean food for me is a great way to live.

Before I made that decision I still looked up the possible side effects of vegetable juicing just to be sure I wasn’t about to do anything that might cause me adverse harm.

I recommend you do your own research too.

vegetable juicing side effectsAs vegetable juicing is becoming popular, ready-made vegetable and fruit juices are popping up all over the place, juice cleanses for 3, 6, 7 days and longer are being offered by companies. It is important that we are careful about what we read and how we approach a juice cleanse.

Ultimately people just want to make their money.

My focus is on improving my health so I will always stick to the basics.

a. buy a good juicer
b. buy organic vegetables whenever possible
c. make my own vegetable juice and be mindful of the possible vegetable juicing side effects should I ever decide to juice for more than five days.

Simples as a, b, c.

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