On my blog I focus on building self confidence in yourself so you can change your life and become more self expressed.

Someone asked me this week what being “self expressed” meant and I guess its one of those subjective terms that will mean something different to different people and we all need to have our own definition of it.

For me being self expressed means saying whatever I want to say to whomever I want to say it without worrying about what people will think of me. I am not talking about being rude or insulting someone but of being assertive in the way I talk so that I am clear and confident.

I don’t just refer to my ability to communicate though when I think about self expression, I also consider my creativity and being able to express it in whatever way I desire.

I love writing and the written word but I also love to dance. I am in no way a semi/professional dancer but I love to express myself by shaking my behind on the dance floor.

Being at a party and not being able to dance will be an extremely painful thing for me making dance an important method of self expression in my life. Two forms of self-expression that I don’t currently use but would love to learn how to do is draw (sketch) and play the guitar – they are on my ‘bucket’ list!

Speech and creativity are my two forms of self-expression that help me enjoy a full and happy life.

You can also call your business life a form of self expression and your parenting – it really is up to you what you choose – bottom line is whatever you choose you do so because you couldn’t imagine your life functioning without it.

You choose your forms of self expression because they fill you full of joy and help raise your self confidence. They help you move forward with life and fill you with pride at your achievements.

Another name I might give to self expression is having a drive to express myself. I do it whether I generate an income from it or not – like writing on this blog.

These words are my thoughts put into action that you get to read and that too is a form of self expression, my fulfillment comes from the writing not wondering whether any one reads it or whether it will help me earn some money.

Therefore, to answer the questions what does it mean to be self expressed my reply will focus on it being about our desire to express something through our actions, the expression of which helps us to feel a sense of pride in what we have done.

What does self expression mean to you?

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