It is 1897 and you are lucky enough to be holding a copy of a journal written by your great, great grandmother or father. You get to read about the places they have been to and their opinion about what is happening in the world.

What if they were lucky enough to be involved with some of the significant events that took place in 1897

Feb 1st Shinhan Bank, the oldest bank in South Korea, opens in Seoul

May 18th – Irish Music Festival is held in Dublin for the first time.

July 26th – 37.5cm rainfall at Jewell, Maryland (state record)

September 25th – first british bus service opens

December 9th – Activist Marquerite Durand founds the feminist daily newspaper, La Fronde in Paris

Maybe they tell a story of the bank account they opened, or the music that played at the festival that day.

They might have been writing about their panic and worry because of the constant flow of rain that is pouring down on them. Maybe the roof is leaking or the house flooding. Did they get to be one of the first to ride a bus or read a copy of La Fronde?

I love reading books that are memoirs and old journals. I have started collecting them. One day your journal will be 100 years old. Who will be reading it?

Whoever is I am sure they will get a lot of pleasure out of reading whatever you have written. The good and the not so great.


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