What’s your passion and how can you apply it to the real world to actually benefit people or animals, the environment, the world

I remember being asked this question years ago and it took me a long time to finally express my passion for writing because I really didn’t think that anything I wrote would really impact people.

Once I began writing articles and receiving emails from people who had read them and enjoyed them I knew I had to overcome my insecurities and reach out for moments of brilliance because in those moments I write my best work.

We all have a passion for something and we don’t always have to save the world or make it a deep far reaching impact kind of passion. You can put all of your passion into raising healthy, well rounded, loving children who are ready to live their life according to what they are passionate about.

Or you can choose to take in damaged and abandoned animals giving them a loving home where they can flourish and overcome their fears and hurt.

Having a passion helps to take you out of any concerns, fears and worries you may have and place you into a place of joy and “in the moment” living because when you are truly engrossed in a passion you forget everything and every one around you!

In all my years of coaching when I listened to someone in the workplace talk about why their performance is failing fast I always knew it wasn’t whatever reason they presented. They had convinced themselves that the reason they were not getting as much done, or hitting their targets was become of something related to their job.

However I knew something different! Because living your passion doesn’t mean you have to give up your job. I have a passion for dancing but being a dance teacher or a professional dancer at 41 is definitely out of my reach… I am a realist after all. But just being able to go out and dance, whether it was to salsa, in a club, to African drumming music… whatever I was dancing to I didn’t care just as long as I got to dance. Dancing brings me a sense of joy that cannot be matched by anything, it makes me laugh, and provides me with some exercise.

Dancing is one of my greatest loves, my biggest passions next to writing and I give thanks every day for being able to get up and shake my thang!

If your passion involves helping others this has a wonderful effect not only on the people you help but on your life, especially during times of uncertainty. When life is not working the way we feel it should be it’s very easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of not knowing what to do and trying to “fix” the problem. When your passion involves you helping others it gives you some time away from your own problems and in those moments, when we are not focusing on what’s wrong, it is easier to find solutions.

Whenever I meet an under performing employee my first task would always be to identify what their passion is and how they can apply that to the real world to actual benefit not only themselves but also other people. Everyone has a passion, even those people who believe they really don’t and all it takes is the willingness to look at what it could be.

Of course a few clients went on to leave their job and actually live their passion which I always love to see happen because none of us should be doing anything we are not 100% passionate about not even for the money! But the majority found a new lease of life, a new sense of purpose that changed their perspective.

When you have something in your life you are truly passionate about life becomes a joy. It doesn’t matter how much work you have to deal with, what your colleagues are like, if you are worried about money, whether your children are driving you crazy… in fact what you find is that all of that stuff seems to “magically” change yet nothing has really changed except your outlook on life!

So please take the time to discover your passion especially if you find yourself in a place where you are fearful about the future or uncertain about what to do next and allow it to give you some “me time” because during those moments we can receive our greatest answers to whatever questions we may have.

Write if you love to, paint if you love to, walk for miles if you love to, make plans to visit a different part of the world every six months…… Do whatever you have to, to ensure that every day you have something to look forward to, something that fills you with passion and makes your soul sing with joy.


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